Terms of use of DEMO

Nurideas S.r.l. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) with registered offices in 09126 Cagliari (CA), Italy, Via Venezia 17, P.IVA 03550790921, is the owner of the site https://demo.nurtrack.eu (hereafter “the Site”) through which Users allowed to access and use the DEMO will be able to assess the potential of the services offered by the NurTrack Platform (hereinafter “Technology Platform”), enabling businesses to manage, trace and rationalize production processes through IT management of HACCP procedures .

Nurideas S.r.l. Is the creator and author under the Italian Law of April 22, 1941, no. 633 and ofsubsequent modifications and additions to the Technological Platform, badges and logos “Nurideas”, “NurTrack” wethere these are registered, not registered or being registered in any country of the world and are subject to all relevant rights including Economic exploitation rights. The Company is the owner of the website https://demo.nurtrack.eu, including the various territorial, national and international extensions, of any mobile applications under the name “Nurideas” and / or “NurTrack”, of the connected operating platform , its software and software architecture, codes, methods, algorithms, instructions for technical, creative or organizational improvements, updates, releases and any and all applications and features associated with the aforesaid web site and / or applications, result or rediscovery, used or developed by Nurideas – or by third parties under the responsibility of the company – for the coordination and interaction of such websites and applications for mobile devices or for the implementation, activation, accounts management and / or for the subsequent provision of Services to the Users.

You are aware that once you have been given access by the Company to view and use the DEMO, you should only enter fictitious data and that, upon the expiration of the trial month (from the first authentication to the thirtieth day) your account will be deactivated and the data you have entered will be automatically deleted.

You agree not to enter personal data and sensitive data. Otherwise, the Company may immediately deactivate your account with the immediate deletion of the data you have entered.

This User Agreement is governed by Italian law and any dispute arising out of this Agreement, including those relating to validity, interpretation, execution and resolution, will be preliminarily submitted to an attempt to negotiate by submitting a conciliatory proposal to the mail address info@nurideas.com. Conciliation will be inspired by the absence of formalities. In the event of a failure to conciliate within a period of 60 days from the date of the submission of the conciliation proposal, the disputes will be devolved to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Foro of Cagliari.