NurTrack, traceability that gives assurance to companies

NurTrack is the traceability software designed for agro-food micro and small enterprises (MSEs) that allows full control of the internal production process.

The control of supplies needed to avoid disruptions in the production cycle, the reduction of waste of raw materials and the rapid recovery of production data for reporting and statistical analysis make NurTrack a useful tool for the rationalization of production systems.

NurTrack, thanks to its flexibility and modularity lends itself to be adapted to the evolving needs of companies in the agro-food sector present throughout the world. In addition, it will give emphasis to the quality of artisanal and local food productions, helping keep alive local products and the knowledge of craftsmen for future generations.

NurTrack has been designed thinking mainly of the MSEs of the local business but with an eye directed towards the international market.

NurTrack is the ideal solution for small companies in the sector since it has been developed as a tool easy to use, available on a common web platform, with a low cost of ownership and maximum accessibility from any browser running on a PC, tablet or smartphone.

With NurTrack companies will support only the cost of using the software and not the acquisition, being able to use additional tools on request, for a fee based on usage.

Why NurTrack?

We develop for ‘our clients with our clients’!

Powerful and customisable

Web based, easy to use


Affordable cost

With NurTrack traceability will not be a burden anymore

A demo version of NurTrack is now available!
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