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Your traceability system

 Control of your productions

NurTrack is the traceability software for the micro and small companies of the agri-food sector. It will soon become your traceability system for all your productions.

It was developed “for the producers with the producers” to allow you to keep your production process under complete control.

How does it work

NurTrack is a 360° system that allows you to control:

  1. the supervision of the supplies needed to avoid interruptions in the production cycle
  2. the reduction of raw material waste
  3. the control of your storage sites
  4. the control of your machines
  5. the use of pre-filled recipes for production, taking into consideration the different materials and machinery
  6. the printing of nutrition labels
  7. the production costs
  8. the rapid recovery of data for reporting and production statistics

A few details

NurTrack is a “software as a service” (SaaS). Thus your company only has to bear the costs of using the software and / or ancillary services. To clarify, you don’t need to download anything. Simply log in from any browser (FireFox, Google Chrome or Safari) on PC/Mac, tablet or smartphone using your assigned credentials.

Technically, NurTrack is hosted on a Google Cloud Platform server in Europe. There we create a dedicated space in the database for each company that uses Nurtrack. After that, each company receives its credentials – a username and password. These are assigned to the primary user: the SuperUser.

NurTrack is flexible and modular. Because of that, it will easily adapt to the evolving needs of companies in the agri-food sector present all over the world. Users  simply use the system through its web interface.


Versions and costs

NurTrack is available in 4 commercial versions, each multi-language. Currently we have italian, english and french versions.


The NurTrack table – cost plan will let you know all about the features present in each version. You will also be able to see the extra paid services available.

For further information, or a demo, you can write to us through the Contact form.