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Food fingerprints

Near Infrared sensors

We want to create a database of fingerprints of food products. More precisely, we want to create fingerprints (or spectra) of our main local (Sardinia) food productions – vegetables, fruit, cheeses.

The fingerprints are created with the use of portable Near InfraRed technology: NIR.


We developed NurScan during the SANUM research project. It carries on its legacy.

The system includes a fingerprint database (ScanDB). And also the programs to manage and analyze data.

Let us view some technical information:

  1. We have developed the database ScanDB in PostgreSQL v10. It is hosted on the Cloud SQL platform of Google Cloud Platform;
  2. The NurScan server is also hosted on the Google Cloud Platform but on the Compute Engine platform. It is developed with NodeJS;
  3. On the other hand, we developed the NurScan web application interface using the jQuery3 and UiKIT v3 frameworks.


This is our database of fingerprints of food products. With ScanDB we can track of all the samples. In particular we can keep all the information for each sample. This  includes the fingerprints. The user can visualize the database using the Nurscan Web interface.

Currently we use the database for research purposes only. Therefore it is accessible only by Nurideas users or collaborators. We manage and analyze the fingerprints of local food products.

Like all research and development projects, NurScan evolves constantly. It is constantly updated.


NurScan Web is the user interface. The user can visualise in detail samples and results.

The user connects using username and password and then is able to navigate on different pages. Once connected, the user sees the first page. There the dashboard shows the project statistics.  In order to guarantee security, the authorizations are specific to each user.

Nurscan samples

This is another example of the interface. Here the SAMPLES page lists all the samples. Furthermore, the user can perform some simples query directly on the page.

Nurscan samples