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Nurideas has participated in SINNOVA every year since 2016, presenting new developments and new products.

SINNOVA is an initiative of Sardegna Ricerche in collaboration with programming department of the Sardinian regional government. The first edition was in 2013. Since then it has become an annual event that showcases the innovations developed in Sardinia. It takes place in Cagliari, every year in October.


In our first SINNOVA we introduced the company and our NurTrack developments. We introduced ourselves to other startups. Indeed, we had many interesting discussions. During the event, we distributed a flier to visitors who came to our stand. We talked with them about our developments.

Above all, we invited all the agri-food companies that we had previously contacted to come and visit us.

At the same time took place the “Incoming operator ICT in Sardinia”, an event organized by ICE, the Italian Agency for the internationalization of Italian companies. The event focused on ICT companies. Nurideas participated by introducing NurTrack to various investors. It has been very interesting. For example, they gave us very useful advice and contacts.


The SANUM project began at the end of August 2017. SINNOVA 2017 took place in the following October. Because of that, it provided us with the opportunity to publicly present the project.

We already had one of the available NIR sensors (SCiO v1). Thus we could show it and explain to the general public and agri-food SMEs what we intended to do. This allowed us to perceive what was the general interest in the quality, ingredients and processes of food.


The SANUM project ended in August 2018. Thus, we presented preliminary results to SINNOVA in October 2018. This allowed us to discuss and get some good contacts from visitors to our stand, followed by visits and discussions.

Since we had prepared a very simple, completely anonymous survey on food preferences, we asked all visitors to our stand to kindly fill it. The aim was to help us build a more sophisticated survey that will soon be running online.

Also  during SINNOVA 2018, the ICE agency organized B2B meetings with foreign investors. We participated by presenting the ideas of the InSaludi project.


In 2019 we were present at SINNOVA with the new developments and products of InSaludi. We talked about the developments of the platform and our objectives.

We had numerous discussions with visitors, and this helps us refine product development.

Also during SINNOVA 2019, the ICE agency organized B2B meetings with foreign investors. We met some of them, and presented the idea behind the InSaludi project.

And we were interviewed! In Italian of course.