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News and in-depth articles

In these posts we will keep you updated on our activities: events we go and participate in, new research projects, new product releases. And we will write general articles on topics related to the agri-food world. As an example, our first posts are about QR codes, barcodes, labels and nutritional values. These are some of the topics you will find in our posts.  These migh be technical topics but we try to present and discuss in a simple way. Hopefully we succeed and you will come back and read more! Welcome to our blog: news and in-depth articles are waiting for you!

NIR sensors and applications in agri-food

The SANUM project (2017-2018) was funded by the European Union with the support of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia and Sardinia Research (POR FESR Sardinia 2014-2020). In this blog we will tell you what we have done and show you some results.